MovingThe moving industry is not a new concept. It’s a vital sector whose services has relieved a lot of people of all the hassles that come with changing locations — from packing the most delicate stuff to delivery and offloading. Discover below the truth behind some myths about movers.

Myth #1: A DIY move saves you cash.

The general belief is that hiring a moving firm to do the job for you rack up on your expenses. On the contrary, moving firms are much cheaper as compared with DIYs. They will provide both short- and long-distance moving estimates that will appear crazy.

Not until you do your calculations right. That’s when you realize how cheap they are. Furthermore, relocation firms do come with the right equipment and expertise. This means your goods are much safer in their hands compared with when the same job is given to an amateur.

Myth #2: All moving firms are the same.

Moving firms are very different in so many aspects, including quality of services, experience, technology, and equipment. Sadly, there are still people who go for cheaper deals to save some cash. Of course, the last thing you want to hear is damaged glassware and electronics while in transit.

If you care a lot about your expensive items, it is better if you were to hire an expensive but reputable firm that can protect your valuables.

Myth #3: All items will be moved.

As long as you pay for the services, movers will be happy to ship everything you instruct them to. However, there are items they cannot deliver due to legal and safety reasons.

Such items include perishable items, such as foodstuffs, dangerous weapons, arms, ammunition and toxic chemicals. Therefore, be sure to ask your mover prior, so that you plan an alternative way of handling these items.

Information is power. But research is even more powerful, especially when you want to hire a pro to help you on your next move. Therefore, a little more research will keep you posted on the facts about the moving industry.