office space that encourage productivityThe kind of work environment you have has a strong impact on employee performance. This is why if you want a hardworking team, you must have a productivity-boosting office. But what exactly does that look like? These are the elements that make workplaces conducive for productivity:


The best lighting in your office isn’t found inside your building, rather it comes from the outside. Health experts say that natural light boosts serotonin levels in the body, the hormone that lifts moods and curbs depression. When employees are in good spirits, they’ll be more motivated to work better.

Note that you couldn’t have too much of a good thing, though. Flooding your space with natural light may cause glare and eye discomfort on employees. Plus, they could be at risk for sun damage on the skin caused by the harmful UV rays. If you would notice most offices in Arizona, commercial window film is somewhat a default in establishments. Consider having this as well in your office.


The thermal comfort of your employees also affect their productivity. Now, there’s an endless debate as to how to set your thermostat, but what you have to note here that the cooling standards rolled out in the last years are designed to keep men comfortable, as a majority of the workforce were males. You would have to test and re-test which temperature accommodates both your male and female workers.

Keep in mind that the temperature inside your office will also be affected by the heat coming from the outside. Window films have heat-rejecting properties, which can help in this.


The color palette in your space can likewise affect the mood and productivity of employees. Warm colors energize, while cool colors soothe. Be strategic in using them for different sections in your space. Part of your interiors is your choice of furniture as well. Make sure that you get ergonomic pieces to support the well-being of your employees. When the team is healthy, there’s less likelihood for absentees and therefore, more work is done.

Is your office space conducive for productivity? Transform it to a productivity hub with these tips.