beer tastingAsk any alcohol enthusiast for beer recommendations and Australia and New Zealand will make it on the list of countries that produce good local drinks. The secret to this is the variety of hops used and produced in the country.

Aside from malt, hops are another important ingredient in brewing beer, as they give a distinct bitter hit. That is why many breweries in the US and other countries import hops from Australia and New Zealand.
Below are some of the most famous types of hops from these countries.


Australia is where you can buy quality Galaxy hops. After all, it is the country that first produced and used it. Galaxy hops are known to bring a distinct fruity note that is commonly associated with passion fruit, peach, or orange. Because of its versatility, it is used in different varieties of beer and craft beer.

Australian Cascade

Australian Cascade is characterized by its medium strength and high distinction, which is used in several Australian lagers. Like the other Cascades, it has a floral and spicy undertone and a hint of grapefruit essence.

Nelson Sauvin

New Zealand is known for this type of hops, which is similar to Sauvignon Blanc wine grapes. The hops give a variety of fruit flavors, from passion fruit and gooseberry to peach and lime.

Southern Cross

Hops add a hint of bitterness to the beer and this is the primary purpose of Southern Cross. It is known for its distinct spice and lemon characteristics that lends even more flavor when added later in the boil.


Motueka is from the Czech Saaz line and is known for its kick of spiciness. However, a touch of tropical fruit flavors gives it a unique blend.

These are just some of the most famous hops you can find in Australia and New Zealand and there is no way to enjoy it than to taste and indulge in a good quality beer. If you own a small brewery, consider importing hops from these countries.

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