Family standing in front of their new homeProperty owners now understand the essence of a storm door. These doors will protect your property from damage from harsh weather, and boost your property’s energy-efficiency, security and curb appeal.

The ideal material for your storm door is aluminum since it is rigid, thick, weather-resistant and easy to install. Other than the material, your door’s style is an important consideration. The style you select for storm doors in Denver, CO, influence the venting of your property and your view to the exterior.

Here are your available style options.

Full-View Doors

These doors have a fully transparent screen design which lets in light into your home. Full-view doors have a broad range of customization options in their color, screen designs, size, and handles.

Most full-view storm doors have interchangeable screens making them ideal for changing seasons. They are the best style if you have a brightly-painted front door or French doors.

Mid-View Doors

Mid-view doors are an ideal style option if you want to have a lot of sunshine flowing into your interiors but have considerable foot traffic. The door has a three-fourth transparent screen design and a solid bottom panel to enhance the door’s durability against high foot traffic.

Mid-view doors have multiple venting and retractable screen options, which allow you to enjoy the fresh outdoor air.

High-View Doors

These have a conventional look with a screen on their top half and a large bottom panel. They are an ideal choice for buildings with heavy foot traffic. You can lift the screen on the storm door to allow inflow of exterior air.

The size of their screens primarily differentiates the style options mentioned above for storm doors. These screens are made of bronze, aluminum, tempered glass, and galvanized steel.

When choosing the screen material, ensure it is compatible with your entry door’s material to minimize the risk of corrosion and deterioration of your storm door.