BeerBeer is undoubtedly one of the world’s most favorite liquors. It’s a staple drink at parties and gatherings. Take a sip of it blindfolded, and you’ll know it’s beer.

But did you know that behind this cold, earthy beverage are simple and humble ingredients—water, yeast, barley, and hops? These ingredients come in different varieties, making it possible to create interesting flavors of beer.

Hops, for instance, are available in different kinds, lending beer types and brands a distinct taste. In the past, the favored hop varieties were those with hints of citrus and floral. Today, there’s a shift to the more pungent and fruity flavor from the popular galaxy variety. Before you ask where to buy galaxy hops, here’s a short guide to this variety.

A Short History

Galaxy hops are a popular variety from Australia. It’s a cross between the male hop plant of the German breed, Perle, and the Australian high-alpha female plant. Galaxy is commonly used by Aussie and foreign brewers because of its high percentage of essential oils, making products very aromatic. Since it was introduced to the U.S. market, the demand started to increase. Brewers then began creating beers entirely made from the aromatic galaxy hops.

Taste and Aroma

Galaxy beer has a fruity and pungent taste and aftertaste. As for the aroma, it reminds drinkers of various fruits such as peach, grapefruit, passion fruit, guava, and citrus. Others describe the taste as tropical, with slight notes of pineapple. Overall, though, the beer is pleasant to the taste buds and somewhat gentler than most beer varieties.


Galaxy hops are rare than most hop varieties. This is because the breed is under patent and there are no rhizomes commercially available for backyard growers. The Citra variety is one of the most favorite substitutes to galaxy, but connoisseurs claim that galaxy’s earthy flavor is still deeper.

If you’re a brewer, give galaxy hops a try. With its growing popularity and the increasing demand for galaxy hops beer, you’ll never go wrong.