A backyard home swimming poolThe key to making a wise investment decision in any project is doing proper homework. Just like if you are considering installing a pool in your garden, you need to consider a number of factors.

There is no doubt that your swimming pool is one of the biggest investments you will ever have in your home. Additionally, the range of options is increasing by the day, making it even more critical to make an informed decision. Dolphin-pools.com and other pool builders recommend you look at the following factors first:

Site level and soil type

Level sites are the best options when it comes to pool construction. That means, if your site is sloppy, the overall construction cost will be higher. Other conditions such as a sandy soil, unstable soil, rocky ground, and high water tables also make construction harder and more expensive.

If you reside in an area that experiences earthquakes, flooding, storm water runoff, or even slips, you will need a soil test and geotechnical reports to measure the suitability of your soil.


To determine the pool location, first, consider the pool building regulations in your area. For instance, check what the pool fencing requirements are, the site coverage required, the positioning of utilities such as cables and water lines, as well as proximity to wastewater.

You may also want to consider the view from the house, especially if you have children, and also the sun exposure to the pool.

Below or above the ground

While soil excavation and removal are a bit costly, an in-ground pool gives you a more permanent feel compared to the above-ground type. However, if your land is sloppy, it will be faster and cheaper to install an aboveground pool.

During your construction process, just know that cutting corners will land you in trouble. Therefore, do not underestimate your pool construction project, nor the upheaval that will come with it. Instead, expect chaos and dirt, and you will be better prepared to handle them.