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When Should You Bring Your Watch for Repair?

Watches are one of the most common and functional jewelry pieces that would be hard to live without. Aside from helping you keep track of time, it has also become a fashion statement over the years. No wonder w...


5 Types of Hops from Australia

Ask any alcohol enthusiast for beer recommendations and Australia and New Zealand will make it on the list of countries that produce good local drinks. The secret to this is the variety of hops used and produce...

a couple sunbathing in a beach

Know Your Skin Type to Determine Tanning Duration

Are you planning to get a tan? Before you sunbathe or use a tanning bed, you must also determine your skin type. The latter allows you to know how long you should stay under the sun. Different skin types get va...

Wine in a glass

Wine Connoisseurs Rejoice: Science Says This is the Right Way to Chill Wine

The Internet is a huge resource for practically any “How to…” or “What is…” inquiries. You’ve probably found tips and tricks yourself to speed up the wine chilling process online. The theories...