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Caretaker With Her Senior Patient

A Fulfilling Venture: Providing Quality In-Home Care to Veterans

For many veterans, the feelings of pride and accomplishment are still as vivid, almost tangible, as the day they went back to the country after the war. Unfortunately, ugly memories of war and terrorism linger ...


Extending the Life of Your Golden Tanning in 6 Ways

You probably have lost count of the times you have heard ‘The holidays are approaching fast,’ and every time you do, you look to rewarding yourself something worthwhile. Getting golden tanning is...


Fight the Two Most Common Skin Problems

Psychology Today writes that depression is one of the most common reasons for chronic skin problems, the scars of which can mar both the skin and their self-confidence. For teenagers and adults alike who find s...


5 Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

A smile makeover will elevate your status from ordinary to heartthrob. With various cosmetic dental procedures available, having that picture-perfect smile is indeed possible. According to Dentist @ W2, a cosme...


The Benefits of Using Disposable Speculum with Light in Emergency Departments

The increase in patient visits in the emergency departments in the U.S. compelled hospitals to look for cost-effective tools that would help clinicians give the right care while also meeting strict regulations....

fear and anxiety

It Takes 30 Seconds and a Pen: Reducing Fear and Anxiety

Panic attacks appear unexpectedly and their symptoms only last shortly. Experts diagnose people with anxiety disorders when they observe four of the common signs. These can range from an intense feeling of wa...