HVAC units on the roofYour HVAC ductwork plays an important role in reducing your home’s energy consumption while enhancing your comfort. Many factors can contribute to inadequate heating and cooling, but it can be difficult to pinpoint ductwork problems.

Read on to learn the most common issues related to your ductwork system.

Poor Insulation

Improper insulation leads to excessive loss of heat. This increases your energy bills and could also overwork your HVAC system, which reduces its lifespan. You should contact a technician from a reputable HVAC Company in Riverton to get your ducts professionally insulated.

Leaks and Cracks

These are common problems that affect your ductwork. The types of leaks and cracks vary according to the material in which your system is fabricated. For instance, plastic materials easily become brittle while metal ducts rust. Flex is another standard material, which is vulnerable to cracking due to its soft structure. Leaks and cracks should be fixed immediately, as they lead to significant energy loss and increased utility bills.

Poor Connections

Your air ducts can be detached due to improper installation or if they are too old. Poorly installed duct systems can prevent heat and air from reaching your home.

Kinks and Twists

While kinks and twists are some of the problems associated with a flexible duct system, rodents and UV lights can also damage them. Using rigid metal can reduce these problems while regular inspection of flexible duct systems can help keep them in good working condition.


Grime, bacteria, and pollutants such as droppings from insects and rodents can accumulate in your duct system over time. The infiltration of dirt and dust particles can cause health issues, such as asthma. Regular air duct cleaning is important to achieve clean and healthy air.

The ductwork is among the main components contributing to the efficiency of your HVAC system. If the air ducts are poorly installed or they are made using substandard materials, they will end up performing poorly. Regular checkup and cleaning can correct most problems to keep your home comfortable throughout the year.