Outdoor YogaTransformational travel is not without its perks. It’s becoming popular because so many people feel trapped in the hustle and bustle of the city. Going away for the weekend–or longer, if your schedule permits–seems like the only way to recharge.

If you feel like everything around you is causing you stress, it’s time to pack your bags, alone, and go. Make the most of your transformative journey by disconnecting from the following:


The millennial in you wants to post every minute of your trip so people can see that you’re having a good time, but being on your phone all the time takes away from experience. Keep your phone in your pockets as you explore, or better yet, leave it in your bag while you embark on meditation and yoga retreats. You’ll find fulfilment in living in the moment and being in tune with your body, and this one has long-term effects, unlike the temporary rush that likes and comments on your posts bring.


Sometimes, it is not your work or the traffic that is giving you stress. It could be the people around you, whether it’s family who keeps nagging you to do something more ‘productive’ with your life or friends who do not understand your struggles. Travelling alone is something you do for yourself, so put your needs above everyone else’s. If they do not need you urgently, they can wait until you get back.


You keep complaining about your constant struggle: get up at a particular time, go to work, meet the same people every day of the week and go home tired. This kind of lifestyle makes you feel trapped and does not leave much room for self-fulfilment. You deserve a break once in a while to reap the rewards of all your hard work and to think of nothing else but the beauty of living. You come back relaxed and more appreciative of the simple things.

Don’t wait for a major life-altering situation to go out and treat yourself to a solo trip. It can transform your life in incredible ways.