A plumberWater heaters are one of the most important equipment in any home, as these provide households with a sufficient hot water supply for up to 12 years. There are things you must do to make your water heater last that long, though.

Periodic Flushing

Simply because it looks and sounds fine doesn’t mean nothing is wrong with your water heater. Even when there are no signs of damage, you must check the equipment every once in a while. Perform periodic flushing, at least twice a year, to drain sediments at the bottom of the tank. This also prevents sediment buildup that could cause the tank to rust and corrode.

Watch Out for Leaks

Did you know that the cost of damage due to water heater leak at a government center in Union County, PA in July 2015 amounted to $100,000? And the center was only using a 30-gallon tank at that time.

You should never consider leaks as a minor issue. You could end up spending thousands of dollars if you leave them unmanaged for a long time. This is truer if the water heater is located on an upper floor, as water always flows downhill. If you notice signs of leaks, Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical suggests that it’s best to schedule a water heater repair in Eagle Mountain as soon as possible.

Replace Anode Rod

Also called the sacrificial rod, this part is located inside the tank which serves as the tank’s protection against corrosion. This must be replaced every three years or if it is already less than half an inch thick.

Check Thermostat

Use the thermostat to adjust water temperature. You can avoid the dangers of scalding and even save on energy use by adjusting it to 120 degrees. Use the vacation setting when going out for long periods of time.

Water heaters, regardless of type, can last for 12 years or even more when they are properly maintained. Check your unit regularly, perform periodic flushing, and replace parts when necessary to ensure a long-lasting water heater.