Kid on the way to SentosaAs one of the most expensive cities in the world, Singapore can be an intimidating country to visit. However, the island-nation is rich in cultural sights, natural wonders, and a fascinating history. All of these are well within a reasonable budget.

Here are some tips to explore Singapore without breaking the bank.

Hawker Centres

Singapore is well-known for its world class street food. Most street food stalls are located in special buildings called “hawker centres”. These buildings house rows upon rows of Singaporean specialties like roast chicken rice, laksa, and the ever-popular char kway teow rice noodles.

The food at hawker centres is reasonably priced, and is so varied that you can try a new stall and a new cuisine every day. Tourists will find hawker centres all around Singapore, and are encouraged to visit all of them to truly experience the unique cuisines of Singapore.


Especially for first-time visitors to Singapore, Sentosa Island is a must-see destination. Sentosa is Singapore’s fourth largest island, and is home to theme parks, nature trails, gardens, and shopping malls.

Although entrance fees can get expensive, the island regularly launches promo codes for the Sentosa fun pass. This means that more people can get access to its numerous attractions without going overbudget.

Heritage Trail

The National Heritage Board offers free informational booklets for tourists on the Heritage Trail, a walking tour of the city that explores Singapore’s rich culture and history. The tour offers visitors a chance to see what lies beneath the glitz and glamour of modern Singapore.

The Heritage Trail explores Singapore’s numerous historical sites, and guides tourists around the numerous cultural influences that have made a Singapore a cultural treasure in Asia.

With a little research and a willingness to go off the beaten path, visitors will find a very different, but still enjoyable, side of the country. Exploring Singapore in this way allows tourists to enjoy the island-nation on a reasonable budget.