a woman with a tanned skin at the beachYou probably have lost count of the times you have heard ‘The holidays are approaching fast,’ and every time you do, you look to rewarding yourself something worthwhile. Getting golden tanning is one of them, but you agree that it takes a lot of commitment to ensure it lasts longer.

Below are six ways you can keep that tan throughout every holiday season:

Body Exfoliation

Exfoliating your skin is critical to getting a long-lasting tan. The human skin renews itself after every two weeks, so exfoliating takes it to the beginning of its cycle. The UVB rays also get to penetrate better to the skin’s melanin on exfoliated skin.

Take a Bath

It is essential to go in for a tanning session with clean skin. Clean skin helps you get a more enhanced tan colour that will last long.

Do Not Shave or Wax

Hair removal methods tend to remove the outer layer of the skin. Peeling off the outer layer of your skin causes your tan to fade faster, and you do not want that.

Stick to Cool showers

You may not like your showers cold, but they are great for your skin tan. Hot baths dehydrate your skin and your skin may peel off, losing its tan colour.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

You can never overemphasise on the importance of moisturising your skin after getting a skin tan. Moisturising your skin involves applying a quality of skin moisturiser, drinking plenty of water, and taking healthy and well-balanced meals. You can also use coconut oil and Aloe Vera for your skin moisturising routine.

Gradual Tan

Keeping your tan for long could mean creating a simple regimen with a gradual tan. It can be a body lotion that you apply on your skin after bath, and you do not need to wait for it to dry. The gradual tan enhances your tan, and you can reapply after a couple of days.

Maintaining golden tanning is not as much work as you would have previously imagined. Take the above measures and prolong your skin tan colour this and every other holiday season.