Woman receiving skin treatmentsPsychology Today writes that depression is one of the most common reasons for chronic skin problems, the scars of which can mar both the skin and their self-confidence. For teenagers and adults alike who find skin issues a problem, the good news is that these are solvable problems. Here are the two most prevalent skin problems and how to cure them or reduce their appearance.


Every year, 50 million Americans suffer from acne according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Provo, Utah doctors say that oil glands and pores can clog due to the use of makeup, hormonal changes, poor diet and the activation of sebaceous glands during puberty.

Topical retinoid (a derivative of Vitamin A), and antimicrobials like clindamycin are commonly prescribed for acne. Doctors also recommend oral antibiotics which work by reducing acne bacteria. With some restrictions, oral contraceptives may help in controlling overactive glands.

A good dermatologist will also suggest a specific skin regimen. It often begins with thoroughly washing the face with warm and then cold water, using mild antimicrobial cleansers and treating cysts topically before they worsen. Resist the urge to pick or touch your acne or face, as your hands could be carrying microscopic bacteria.


This hereditary skin problem is caused by the abnormal multiplication of skin cells. Red patches and silver scales will appear on the skin which is painful and itchy. Patients with psoriasis flare-ups have reported suffering from emotional trauma, so it may also be a sign of extreme stress.

There is currently no cure for this skin disorder, but it can go into remission. Many sufferers have resorted to laser treatment to manage psoriasis, as it has been found effective. Some have also used medication that specifically targets the immune system.

Healthy-looking skin can boost self-confidence instantly. Unfortunately, skin problems are not caused solely by lifestyle. Genetics factor in as well. If you are predisposed to skin issues, a reliable dermatology clinic in Provo has modern solutions for your skin problems.