Korean MealTravelling to Seoul, South Korea will surely excite your palate. It has many amazing local dishes – you must try them all. If you booked a trip to this part of Asia to taste great food, you are not mistaken.

Food Travel At Its Finest

If you are still contemplating what to do in Seoul, you better make the decision now. The city offers a very interesting and truly amazing local cuisine that is a must try, whether it is your first or nth time to visit. You will never get tired of the delicious local fare, from Kimchi and beyond. Here are some of the dishes you should not miss to try:

  • Banchan – What separates Seoul from the rest is the fact that your tummy will be full by simply starting with the side dishes. Banchan refers to an assortment of delicious Korean side meals (sometimes it could go as many as 20) served as part of a full course.
  • Bibimbap – Just like in other Asian countries, Koreans are fond of rice and this rice bowl is proof. This is a delicious meal-in-one, complete with rice, sautéed veggies, and sliced meat.
  • Samgyetang – Koreans love soups as much as they do love rice. Samgyetang, which is basically ginseng chicken soup, is one of the delicious soups you can try.
  • Mandu – There are lots of different mandu or dumplings available in Seoul. From sweet to savoury, you will never get short of choices with these delicious bite-size food pockets.
  • Patbingsu – The most popular Korean dessert is characterised with some shaved ice and red beans, featuring lots of different choice of toppings.

Now that you know what to eat in Seoul, you are probably thinking where you can get them best. Seoul is a foodie’s haven because every corner and every stop features a food hub that is worth trying. You can eat at a restaurant, at a hawker’s station, or at street food stalls, depending on your mood and your budget. But the level of satisfaction will just be the same.