Furnace maintenanceWhen the colder months slowly come rolling in to kiss the summer seasons goodbye, there is nothing better than sitting down on a chilly night with a cup of hot chocolate, all cuddled up in a blanket and listening to relaxing music while your furnace is blasting and emitting warmth throughout your home.

The leaves are gone, and snow is gently falling and has covered the roads with a canopy of soft, white snow. Joyful Christmas jingles and tunes start to replace regular music. It is tempting to raise the temperature on your furnace as the wind turns crisper and sharper.

However, you should think twice before turning on your furnace this season without doing a few things first.


Many people are unaware that their furnaces are similar to people, they require annual checkups from a doctor to make sure that they are working in tip-top shape. Just ask Action Plumbing, Salt Lake City’s experts in furnace maintenance.

Having your furnace get checked for maintenance every year is essential, furnaces can get or cause several problems for most households. If you don’t get your check up, it could easily be wearing and tearing from too much usage, and it can stop working at any time.


Without having your furnace checked, it can run itself down and stop working before the winter months come in. Although, there are worse things that can happen than being cold and chilly this holiday season.

Using a furnace that has not undergone maintenance can start expelling deadly and poisonous gas. Known as carbon monoxide, that gas, when emitted has no taste, color, or smell.

What the gas does is replace your red blood cells with carbon monoxide which can cause serious damage to your bodily tissues which can lead to death. Thankfully, your furnace can easily get maintenance.