Family warming near fireplaceMany consumers from all over the country continue to become more aware of the value that fireplaces bring to their home. This isn’t only in terms of financial value; these structures, so long as constructed and installed properly, boost the overall comfort and livability of a house.

Furthermore, when used correctly, a fireplace can also help you rely less on your heater. Fireplaces don’t have to be purely functional, though. With the right choices in materials, surrounding structure, and accessories, you can transform it into a majestic focal point of any room you install it in.

The Mantelpiece Vs. The Hearth

Fireplace mantels have a purpose similar to that of hearths. The primary difference is that their installation location.

The mantel goes right above the fireplace, serving much like a shelf, and either connects to or directly placed on the surrounding wall. The hearth, on the other hand, goes right in front of the fireplace.

Your Fireplace Mantel Choices

From contemporary to rustic to antique fireplace mantels, you’ll find a variety of construction and design options to choose from. For the classic and antique lover, though, note that those made from French limestone featuring simple lines to the more ornate and detailed Renaissance designs should be on the top of your list of prospective options.

In addition to limestone, some of the other popular material choices include marble, wood, and metal.

Keeping Measurement in Check

One of the most important considerations when selecting a mantelpiece is the size. You need to ensure that the mantel surround and shelf properly fit into the primary structure itself.

As such, before making any decision, contact the manufacturer or supplier first. This way, you can make certain that the mantelpiece kit can snugly fit into the facing material of your fireplace.