Woman enjoying thermal bathThere are many things you will learn in school, but only exposure to different places, people, and things can truly educate you. Travelling teaches you history, compassion and how to adapt to the different customs and beliefs of people.

One of the more interesting places to visit in the United Kingdom is Bath, that largest city in Somerset, England. A UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Bath was founded by the Romans who built one of the city’s most famous attractions — the Roman baths.

To facilitate your stay at this picturesque locale, you can book a luxury boutique bed and breakfast Bath such as Bailbrook Lodge located a stone’s throw away from the historic city centre. Having a strategically located accommodation will surely benefit you and your family.

You could go about exploring the city and retreat to the lodging whenever you get tired or once you’re done with sightseeing for the day. Of course, you should not miss out on seeing the Roman Baths.

A tour of this attraction includes audio guides that provide you with excellent commentary of the history behind these famous Bath fixtures. You must also set aside some time to visit the Royal Crescent, one of the locale’s impressive architectural buildings.

Erected by John Wood the Younger in the 18th century, the row of houses (now apartments), is truly a sight to see. You can even try and imagine what it’s like to live in this famous dwelling place by taking in afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent Hotel.

After visiting these popular sights, you can spend a bit of time outdoors at the Prior Park Landscape Garden. Let the kids run around the lush greenery and absorb some healthy sunshine during the day.

Before you leave Bath, why don’t you shell out for some indulgent spa pampering? Head over to the Thermae Bath Spa and enjoy a soak.

There, you can plunge into the warm, thermal waters of the New Royal Bath and even get a spa treatment while you’re at it. It will definitely be a relaxing and worthwhile ending to round off your holiday in Bath.