office with carpet matInjuries in the workplace cost businesses a lot of money due to injury claims, missed work hours, and more. One of the easiest ways to reduce injuries in the workplace is to reinforce the flooring with appropriate matting solutions. Read on to find out how mats can help ensure an injury-free workplace.

Preventing Slips and Trips

A simple way to help prevent workers from slipping and tripping is by placing safety mats on dangerous areas. Wet and dry-area industrial rubber mats can be made with bevelled edges that offer stable footing. The extra traction lowers the risk of trips and slips in areas where injuries typically occur. Additionally, individual mats provide workers with a safe space for working, and runner mats give extra traction for aisles, walkways and halls.

Offering Ample Support and Comfort

Plenty of studies have found that standing for hours on end at work can result in various health problems, including leg and back pain, heart issues, and fatigue. Anti-fatigue mats can give workers additional support to reduce the adverse effects of standing for too long. They have an extra cushion layer that minimises the stress that prolonged standing puts on the body.

Safeguarding Workers against Spills

If your workplace is prone to spills, consider investing in mats specifically designed for wet areas since these have unique drainage capabilities. These industrial rubber mats are usually made with grease and chemicals resistant rubber to enable oil, water, and other slick substances to drain effectively. Thus, your workers can move safely until the mess has been cleaned up.

Improving Visibility

Poorly lit stairwells can make workers trip. If poor lighting is a problem, you can put mats and slip-resistant tapes to guide workers to areas where it’s safe to walk.

Reducing the Risk of Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge can lead to electric shocks or fires. Hence, anti-static mats can help safeguard workers and workplaces from these potential hazards. Mats like these are manufactured with insulating materials that can prevent the buildup of static and electrical charges.

Placing floor-matting solutions in strategic places in the workplace can provide significant benefits. Using matting solutions will ultimately help in reducing the chances of slips and trips that can hurt your workers.