door lockset with keysIt is imperative that you understand your many options for your doors before heading to buy some. Not only do you need to have the proper type of doorknob that will go according to your style, but you also have to find the one with the most appropriate lock mechanism to secure your home. Basically, the type of lockset you choose will be based on the type of security function you need your door hardware to perform.

What are the most common types of lockset?

In terms of design and finish, there are so many options to choose from. Go to the door supermarket in your area, and you will find a variety of options. However, all these come to four basic types: the passage lock, privacy lock, keyed entrance lock, and dummy lock that is often non-functional. In deciding which kind to go for, always remember to prioritise your convenience and house theme.

What type of doorknob do you need?

In general, doorknobs are either square or round. However, there are lever handle knobs and handle set knobs used mostly on exterior entry doors. Lever handles are a lot easier to grab than conventional doorknobs. Also, worth noting are the various ways a doorknob is attached to a lockset. Older-style door hardware is secured using a set screw that fastens the doorknob to a square threaded spindle. While this is a good choice, the downside, however, is that over time, it may become loose. The more modern ones, on the other hand, do not require screws. Instead, the lockset mechanism has specialised concealed tools called detents.

Before you go to your door supermarket, make sure that you understand your needs. Go for a doorway and barrier solution shop that can help you with your door hardware needs. Also, make sure that they offer products proven to withstand day-to-day use.