Bamboo beddingsSex feels great until it starts to feel stale. Pleasure in physical intimacy can falter when you repeat the same routine every single time, but you can change things up and amp up the pleasure. Experts usually recommend different sex positions or toys to heighten sexual pleasure during intercourse, but you can do numerous other activities and make other changes instead.

Enthusiasm and Mood

You can start by being more enthusiastic. When your partner feels your energy and your longing, the experience and pleasure will heighten. Aside from your enthusiasm, you can also turn your partner on by setting the mood of your lovemaking. Music, lighting, flower petals, and even soft bamboo sheets can all prepare you and your partner for an intimate experience.

Teases and Sexy Snaps

Before you even meet your partner, you can already build up both of your sex drives and heighten anticipation. You can tease your partner through text messages or snaps of yourself. You can even ask similar teases from your partner. By the time you meet, the anticipation will guarantee a better experience.

Changes on the Bed

In the sex experience itself, you can change things up by mutually masturbating instead of having intercourse. To take things to the next level, you can roleplay, use a blindfold, or watch porn. At other times, you can make sex all about your partner and demand no reciprocation. One day, your partner may return the favor.

Non-Sexual Improvements

Now, even the least sexual activities can also improve your sex life. You can stop yourself from eating before sex since big meals and digestion can lead to less energy and bad breath. When you have dogs or cats, or any other pet that you allow on your bed, before any sexual activity, you can clean your room and change your sheets first to prevent any possible allergic reactions.

You can try the different activities and changes above, and explore with your partner. Pleasure will remain at its peak as long as both of you keep doing sex differently.