a couple sunbathing in a beachAre you planning to get a tan? Before you sunbathe or use a tanning bed, you must also determine your skin type. The latter allows you to know how long you should stay under the sun.

Different skin types get varying shades of brown and bronze.

What Are the Different Skin Types?

There are six skin types that you should know about; if you fall into a particular category, you would be able to determine if you can get the shade of brown you like and how long you should tan.

  • Type I – people in this category have light features such as pale complexion and red hair. They are sensitive to sunlight and are prone to sunburns.
  • Type II – people in this type have a light tan and normally have blonde hair, and a whitish or beige complexion.
  • Type III – people under this category have normal light sensitivity; they burn but also get a nice tan faster than type II persons.
  • Type IV – people in this type rarely get sunburn but can tan moderately and quickly, and handles sunlight better compared to the first three categories.
  • Type V – the characteristics of people in this type are dark skin, hair and eye color. They easily tan, whether they do it in a salon or under the sun.
  • Type VI – most people in this category are of African descent and have a very high tolerance to sunlight. It is rare for people in this kind to develop a tan because of their already dark skin.

Apply an SPF tanning oil – which you can buy from online vendors such as Bali Body – to get the results you want and add a layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Start the tanning process slowly, from only around 5 minutes to 15 minutes after a week. The longest time you should be under the sun or on a bed is 30 minutes. Apply moisturizing product on your skin after tanning to keep your skin young and fresh looking, and to retain the bronze tone you worked for.