Woman Holding An Almost Empty PlateChristmas is just around the corner, and while most people are excited, the mere thought of long holidays and never-ending feasts can bring extreme anxiety for someone who is recovering or still suffering from an eating disorder. These festivities can trigger painful memories, fears, and panic for the ED sufferer.

During this time, family members and friends should make an effort in providing support and getting help for the loved one who has eating disorders. This is to ensure that he or she can live through the holidays without having disordered thoughts and negative feelings.

Plan Ahead

Preparing ahead of time is essential to prevent out-of-the-blue panic attacks from surfacing. If you are hosting the holiday events, make sure to show your menu in advance. Find out if there is anything that can cause conflict with the ED sufferer and talk about how he or she wants to get around it.

This simple gesture can already be such a great relief for them.

Provide Support

It is crucial for a person with eating disorder to have support at the most stressful times. Be there during their struggles to keep their head level. There are also help hotlines that you can give to them. They can call these numbers anonymously when you have to be away to engage with the other relatives.

Your loved one’s therapist may be out of reach during Christmas, but these helplines are available to support 24/7.

Help With Their Routine

Many people indulge in larger meals during Christmas, and anyone with an eating disorder may feel pressured to do the same, especially by pushy relatives who do not understand their struggles.

Remind them that they do not have to do something they are not comfortable in doing and help them stick to their treatment schedule.

Having this condition is rarely easy, and being mindful is one way of helping them get through the holidays. Remember to help them stay safe and guilt-free in this festive season.