barber using hair clipperRunning a successful barbershop is determined by the tools you select. One of the crucial tools for a perfect haircut is a clipper. Its main use is to remove large quantities of thick hair. A clipper is more precise compared to scissors since it has eighteen cutting teeth compared to one blade in the latter.

When shopping for barber clippers online, there are several considerations you will make. The most essential of these factors, however, is the blade. This is after all the one that trims and cuts hair. There are various materials used for hair clippers with varying pros, cons, and costs.

Here are some of the standard hair clipper blade materials.


Many consider ceramic clipper blades among the best. They neither heat up nor warp due to wear. These blades also retain their sharpness for an extended period and last for a long time. Though traditionally brittle, new ceramic blades are more break-resistant.


These are the most prevalent clipper blades on the market. Steel clipper blades are rust-resistant, durable, easy to maintain and less expensive compared to ceramic blades. Japanese steel, stainless steel, carbon steel and chrome vanadium steel are the common steel clipper blade varieties.

Japanese steel is considered superior quality among most barbers due to its unique sharp cutting angle, which offers a smooth and effortless cutting.


Titanium clipper blades are stronger compared to steel blades. They also stay sharper and last for a longer time compared to other blades. Some titanium blades are marketed as “self-sharpening.” This means they need minimal maintenance to stay in tip-top shape.

Titanium clipper blades are however more expensive compared to other materials.

Some clippers combine both ceramic and titanium blades. These are very quiet and smooth and ideally used for children. The ideal way to ensure you get value for the money you spend is to buy your clipper from a trustworthy online shop.