Guy adjusting AC temperatureIf something meant to cool the room is doing the opposite, it is okay to blame something or someone else other than the air conditioning system itself. You can get away with that way of thinking for a while, but time will come when you need to consider calling for professional AC repair services in Salt Lake City. All Hours Plumbing and HVAC cites the possible reasons your AC unit gives off warm air instead of cool air.

The simplest reason: dirt on the air filter or condenser

A filthy air filter restricts airflow to the AC unit. If the amount of air is insufficient, you can adjust the thermostat to no avail. The unit will not have the means to cool the room. There is a direct correlation between the airflow and the viability of the air filter. If this is the problem, you can breathe a sigh of relief. As soon as a new air filter is installed, then you can put some popcorn in the microwave and spend a fun and comfortable afternoon catching up on your favorite TV series or superhero movie franchise.

Another reason for insufficient cooling is the accumulation of dirt from the condenser. When there’s a buildup of dirt, the efficiency rate drops. Annual cleaning of condenser coils located outside the unit is a must. Other than efficiency issues, any object clinging on the condenser tubes might restrict airflow.

It’s all about condenser maintenance. Unfortunately, the condensers are often the most overlooked component of the air conditioning system.

A deeper problem: frozen air handler

Within the evaporator coils lies another possible reason for the discomfort you are feeling. A frozen AC is no good to you. Icing blocks the process that allows cooling of air. Icing in the air conditioning unit also prevents dehumidification. Defrosting the unit for an entire day takes care of the problem. As soon as the unit is dried out, you may turn it on again.

If the warm air problem remains, you would need to investigate further. Alternately, it may be a good time to call a professional to figure out a definitive solution.