A ski enthusiast shopping for ski gearSki gear doesn’t come cheap. They often involved heaps of investment to be completed. The clothing alone may cost you thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you simply have to go with it. There are ways to help you save on these items; you just need to know where and when to buy, and here’s how.

1. Shop during off-season.

Visit your local designer stores as they offer brand-name items, such as Bogner ski jackets on sale at discounted prices. During fall or summer, most of these shops offer their items at low prices, so it’s best to buy during these times.

2. Wait for a major sale.

Most ski outlets host super sale events annually. Instead of paying the full price, they’ll offer big discounts on some of their items, which is a total steal.

Expect the crowd to be hellish during these types of events because clearly, you’re not the only one waiting for these deals. If you want to beat the rush hours, try going into the store during dead hours so you could more comfortably.

3. Should you rent or buy?

Another way to look at your options is whether you should go for rental equipment or buy your own. If you are not really into the sports and are just trying it for the first time, renting is definitely something you must consider. However, if you’re totally into this activity, it is a must-own apparel and equipment.

If you’re looking into buying your ski clothing, these tips will help you make the best decision. When it comes to these items, when and where you plan to shop could make a huge impact on the price you’re going to spend. So it’s important that you fully consider these factors.