Setting the ThermostatWhen summer is over, your air conditioner will be taking its much-needed break. However, this is the perfect time to check on your furnace since it will soon be churning up the heat for the few months ahead. It is, therefore, important that you prepare your furnace for the fall season.

You can start with these basic reminders:

Complete a Test Run

Summer may not be the right time to run your furnace, but testing it is still the most effective way to expose possible issues. You can check for blockages, maintenance requirements, and other problems efficiently when your furnace is running. Just make sure you schedule your test properly and let the family know, so everyone will be prepared for the sudden change in temperature.

Clean Replace Your Filters

Typically, you can do this before you start testing and it should be done regularly throughout the year. Most furnaces will easily break down if their filters are clogged. You may need to replace those that have run down.

Clear the Vents

Whether or not your test run proves you need to clean your vents, you’re still required to do so on a regular basis, specifically before the fall season begins and during the winter months. If you have curtains, furniture, or appliances that are blocking the vents, re-arrange or remove them immediately.

Call the Professionals

Don’t wait until your furnace is completely broken before you have it repaired. There are plenty of reputable and experienced furnace repair experts in Salt Lake City. As soon as you smell or hear anything irregular from your furnace, do contact the professionals instead of doing things yourself.

Your home protects you from the elements, which is why maintaining your heating system all year round is a must. Before the summer ends, take the time to prepare your furnace for the upcoming cold months. Do it not for your family’s safety and comfort.