RV on a vacation tripAre you planning to go out of town this holiday season? Do you want to go up to the Eagle Mountain to stay there and spend your Christmas there? Before you do that, why don’t you check off these things first from your list of needs or essentials.

Car checks

If you are bringing your vehicles with you, make sure it is up and running. Check the brakes and its electrical system, as well as your gas tank. Check if everything is fine before you go on a long trip.

For cases of flat tires or other car problems, make sure to bring a spare tire and of course, your tools and equipment.

Cabin check

Pay a visit first to your cabin. Plumbing expert Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical suggests you check the heating system, including the water heaters. Check also the fireplace and the stocks of wood. This is to ensure that you will be warm for the duration of your stay there.

Food and water stock

Do you have enough food and water during your stay? Keep as many nutritious meals as you can for the duration of your stay. If you intend to stay for two weeks, have an extra food stock good for three weeks. In cases of bad weather, you are confident you would not go hungry.

Emergency kits

Prepare go-to bags for you and your companions. Inside these bags should be food, medicine, handheld VHF radios, rope, ready-to-eat food, flashlights, and some extra dry clothes just in case you get stranded in a heavy snowy weather.

Do not go out when the blaze is still happening. If you need to evacuate, just bring your go-to bags. Also, prepare sleds or snowmobiles so you can evacuate your place.

In these times when you want to enjoy, you also have to come prepared. Nothing beats a person who is well-informed and ready. Have a safe holiday!