healthy food flatlay photoBreakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. It’s a good start to boost your body’s energy and strength for a whole day of activities. But remember that it’s not only necessary to eat breakfast every morning. You must also have a “healthy” one.

People might say they eat breakfast every day. But they don’t actually consume the right vitamins and nutrients they needed. So, what makes a healthy breakfast? The following tips would help you go for protein, carbohydrates, and perhaps, wholesale organic fruits and vegetables.


Foods that are rich in protein build your muscles, bones, and skin. It also balances the blood sugar levels in your body, which will help you crave less for sweets in the morning.

Hard boiled eggs and lean meats such as chicken and fish are an ideal protein dish for breakfast. Yogurt is also a popular one. You can add nuts to it to gain more protein.


When you are still in school, you learned about the go, grow, and glow foods. Carbohydrates are in the “go” foods category, which includes sugar and starches. These foods will give you energy that you can use to do your tasks and activities without being too tired.

Sugars do not solely mean cakes, ice cream, and the likes. It’s more about simple sugars, such as dairy products and fruits. Starches include pasta, rice, and bread. They are rich in fiber, so you will feel full with just a few amounts of carbohydrates.

Avoid processed foods, such as hotdogs, sausages, and bacon. Your breakfast meal should include oatmeal, vegetables, whole-grain bread, cereals, peanut butter, and smoothies. These foods will keep you strong and energetic throughout the day. As much as possible, make a weekly plan. This will help you remember the foods that you should eat for a healthy breakfast.