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Loan application and money in front of a home

Mortgage Hunt: How to Find the Most Affordable Home Loan

House prices vary by location, but many Americans continue to encounter many roadblocks to home ownership. Affordability is a major concern, and gaining a foothold in an attractive market like Florida remain fa...

Couple planning to buy a house

Buying a House? Tips for Budgeting

If you’re serious about having your own place, you are probably wondering how you can afford buying one or budget for a new home purchase. This is a common concern, as being a homeowner is a huge financial co...

Woman happily holding a house model

How to Prepare for a Mortgage Application

Getting a loan to finance your home buying project is a long process. This is why it’s important to know how to prepare before dropping your application at the mortgage offices. Here are the secrets to a succ...


4 Things You Need to Prepare When Applying for a Refinance on Your Mortgage

Many people seek to swap their old mortgages for better ones in the course of repaying their loans. One of the reasons for doing this may be to take advantage of a recent dip in the interest rates of mortgages....