a man proposing to his girlfriendAccording to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Utah has the least marriage-averse millennials across the United States. This means that while a majority of the country’s Gen Y population are saying no to marriage, Utah’s very own are saying yes. We can only speculate as to why this is.

Perhaps an engagement ring is cheaper in Utah when you buy from jewelers such as AAA Jewelers. Or maybe the young couples of The Beehive State have been irrevocably swept away by these three viral marriage proposals.

Ginny and Matt

Ginny Joiner thought she was about to see the Hangover 2. Little did she know she was about to say yes to his boyfriend’s, Matt Still, marriage proposal.

The setup was pretty simple: a rented cinema plays a movie trailer that is not actually a movie trailer but a guy asking for matrimonial blessings from his girlfriend’s father. The cinema is full of the couples’ closest friends and family members, unbeknownst to Ginny who is also in the audience.

Consider the logistics of it all. Sure, it’s doable.

Sean and Andrea

Love is magic. In the case of Sean Emory, who is an actual illusionist, this phrase had a literal turn. In a video that trended worldwide, Sean proposed to his girlfriend, Andrea, using some magic up his sleeves. It’s sweet and simple. And in terms of logistics, a little less demanding compared to the previous one.

Something anyone can do after at least two months of magic tutorial care of Youtube.

Marzo and Lisa

How this couple’s engagement video turned viral owes more to Marzo and Lisa’s sweetness and sincerity as opposed to the proposal’s ingenuity per se. In fact, there’s nothing new here: the question popping up on a skyscraper.

What makes it special is how you can feel the couple’s genuine love jumping out of your screen like a glittery and sunshiny Sadako.

These three viral engagement videos should be a source of inspiration, not pressure. In the end, it is not about how you ask the question, but what you make of the answer that you will eventually get.