A couple posing with their ski equipmentSki wear today is nothing like it was before the Bogner ski jacket entered men’s fashion. Back in the day, skiers bundled into fluffy, bulky clothes that made it hard for them to move. Looking a bit at a history behind the brand explains why skiers continue to prefer it more than 80 years down the road.


The Bogner brand of ski wear came into being in 1932. The founder Willy Bogner Sr. was a multi-awarded Nordic skiing champion and Olympic skier. He brought back some anoraks from Oslo. He began changing the design for a better fit. He had a good partner in wife Maria. He tested what she designed.

The couple produced the clothes worn by the German national ski team for the 1936 Winter Olympics. In 1950, the company produced the sleek, wedge-shaped stretchy ski pants commonly called “Bogners” in the US. They also came out with sleeker designs for jackets for better performance on the slopes.


The Bogner line of sports fashion was already on its way to success by the birth of the couple’s second son Wilhelm in 1942. Willy Jr. followed his father’s lead, first on the slopes, and then in business. Willy was a junior ski champion in Germany and was the first German to win the Lauberhorn race.

He joined the German ski team for the 1964 Winter Olympics. He went to business school and joined the family business in 1972. He took over in 1977 at the death of his father.

Willy Jr. expanded the Bogner apparel line, one of which is the Bogner Man line. Like his father, he had a valuable ally in wife Sonia. She had been designing her own collection since 1992.


Willy Jr. was careful to maintain the exclusivity of the Bogner brand. He avoided distributing to big stores. Only the best retailers could carry the brand in their offerings. This made the brand synonymous with quality sportswear in 30 countries. The brand continues to create new designs every year.

Bogner ski jackets are the result of a long history of innovation in sportswear design. If you want the most fashionable in ski wear, Bogner is the brand you want.