Modern interior room with wooden frame mirror and plantsHave you checked the recent trends in interior home and furniture design? If not, the use of live edge wood slabs is among the top trends in modern homes. The style combines the modern and traditional look to create an elegant home. However, is that all? Other reasons behind this trend include:

They Retain Their Original Shape

The slabs are wooden, and even after processing, they do not lose the touch of their origin. The pieces retain the shape of the mother tree. The live edge requires skilled labor to create furniture that is warm and natural. The slab must contain a single, wavy boundary.

They Are Adaptable

This style blends with multiple interior design styles and themes. Some individuals fear that incorporating these pieces into their home will affect the flow of the theme or will transform the overall look. The flexibility of this style makes it easy to integrate into your new or current home.

They Are Timeless

Once you acquire this piece in your home, you can be sure to pass it down to your generations. The Greeks traditionally used these pieces as beds and parlors. Throughout history, contemporary pieces have been in use and have not gotten out of trend, unlike other styles.

In the end, you must be burning to try this new trend in your home after learning the reasons behind its popularity. Still, conduct a bit more research before deciding to join the bandwagon. You can call specialists to install the live edge wood slabs in your home. With the help of an expert, you can enjoy the elegant piece in your home.