old scrap carsIf a car is no longer roadworthy, then it should not be left in the driveway as it could attract pests or cause damage to the environment. Instead, the old car should be recycled. If a car has failed its transport test, or it costs too much to repair or cannot be sold, don’t be tempted to drive it anyway or leave it sitting in the driveway. Driving an old vehicle could put lives at risk and incur large fines or the suspension of your driving licence.

The Environmental Impact of Abandoned Cars

Leaving the car sitting in the drive can have a significant impact on the environment. As they begin to degenerate, cars can leak brake fluid, transmission fluid, battery acids, coolants and motor oil into the surrounding area, contaminating the soil and posing a risk to people and wildlife. Rotting materials in the car also attract rats and mice. If the vehicle is near a house, it increases the risk of an infestation. Tenants of rental homes could face eviction if they leave their old cars on their lawn. Neighbours can make complaints to the local council if the dumped vehicles affect the appearance of the street. There is a solution to the problem of vehicle scrap: professional removal and recycling.

Reclaim and Recycle Car Parts

A total waste management solutions company or an ATF (authorised treatment facility) can remove old and unwanted vehicles and de-pollute them by removing the battery, fuel, wheels, tyres, lead balance weights, oils and oil filters and any liquids such as anti-freeze, brake fluid or air conditioning gas, and any mercury switches and catalytic converters. These products should then be reused or safely disposed of to prevent hazardous waste contamination. The metal and plastic parts from the shell of the vehicle and any fabric can be recycled and made into other consumer products. Not properly disposing of an end-of-life car could affect a driver’s licence and the environment. Not only that, they risk the anger and contempt of their community when they do not conform to the recycling guidelines set by their local council. Vehicle recycling is a solution they should consider, to save not only the environment but also their reputation.