smiling young woman applying tonerWhat do you usually do after you wash your face and before applying moisturizer? You use a toner. In simpler times, toners are water-based. These days, toner-serum hybrids dominate the market. Is it worthwhile to add another step to your skincare regime, and spend a few more dollars?

The grand design: toners and what they are meant to do

Toners are liquid solutions containing compounds with the ability to balance skin after it has been exposed to harsh soaps and cleansers. If you think about it this way, then toner is a useful addition. Toners re-balance, remove excess dirt and oils, and prepares the skin for moisturizers. If you see toners this way, then they are a necessary addition to a woman’s daily skin care regimen.

What a good toner contains

The American Academy of Dermatology cautions against the use of alcohol-based toners. There are still many of these solutions out there, and they may cause harm to dry or sensitive skin. Astringent toners contain alcohol, and they may be beneficial for limited use. Nevertheless, using them often and consistently may do more harm than good.

Experts agree a good toner must contain beta hydroxy acid and pro-Vitamin B5 for removal of stubborn dirt and makeup, while also protecting against loss of moisture. Others add rosewater to the list of “must-have” ingredients. Rosewater clarifies, hydrates, and energizes. You expect these effects from a good toner.

Should you use a toner? If you notice your skin looking dull, then you might want to consider finding a good toner now. To garner the benefits of a good toner, find the right kind for your skin type. There is a toner out there for every type of skin. You can even use one that is a hybrid toner and make-up remover.  Every time you invest on skin essentials products, make sure you using one that is intended for your skin type and its specific needs.