contractor checking air conditioning unitDoes it get hot and stuffy in your house, even if the air conditioner is on and at the temperature you want it? If so, there must be something wrong with the system if it stopped cooling. Identify the problems early to be able to determine the right fix and reduce your overall costs.

AC experts from Salt Lake City Whipple Service Champions cite the following reasons your system isn’t cooling.

Dirty Filter

This part of the system does the dirty work of trapping contaminants before it pulls the air in. Over time, the filter accumulates a lot of particles that clog it.
These results in lower performance and failure to cool the air that comes out of your AC. Have a mechanic clean or replace it so that it can perform efficiently again.

Overheating Condenser

This part collects the heat from the inside of a room and releases it outside of it. To keep this going, the condenser must have more than enough space to remove the hot air and allow the cool air to circulate.
Determine the best possible spot to install your AC because this may have long-term implications on how it can keep your house at the temperature you want.

Refrigerant Leaks

This chemical is the catalyst that cools the air before your system releases it into a room. If a leak occurs, your AC may not have enough refrigerant to maintain the temperature you want. It will then start to release hot air. The causes of leaking could be due to damage or simply because your system is old.

Old Air Conditioner

Your system might be too old to function efficiently and properly. Its parts need constant repair or massive replacements, which may add to the cost — it could be cheaper just to buy a new one.
These are some of the reasons your AC isn’t releasing cold air anymore. Consult with a mechanic to determine the probable causes. Once they identify it, you may need to have parts repaired or replaced, or just buy a new system.