Girls sitting with their suitcases waiting for a rideTraveling can be eye-opening and memorable. It allows you to explore more about the world and give you a better perspective. In turn, it makes you a better person. But travelling, truth be told, can be very exhausting and stressful. But there are some ways you can reduce the hassle that comes with it. And one of those ways is packing for it properly.

Whether you are going to Singapore for some Southeast Asian escapade or to Israel for an LDS vacation, there are some easy ways to make packing more practical and efficient. Here are some of them.

Plan your attire

The best way to accommodate the clothes you want to plan wear is to determine the day-by-day attire. Plan it so that you can pack your clothes in sets. And you may want to take care of your clothes based on the weather. Anticipate the weather so that you are ready for whatever comes.

Roll not fold

The biggest mistake of many people is they fold their clothes. Folding clothes and putting them in your suitcase can take up a lot of space. This, in turn, will keep you from putting more clothes. What you can do is roll your clothes and put them vertically so that you have more space for your other things. Put the smallest rolls at the bottom and the biggest ones on the top.

Leave what needs to be left

Rethink your pack and determine whether you need the things you should be bringing or not. If you can’t be bothered with having a tank top, just leave it behind. Be practical and only bring what’s necessary.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to pack efficiently. If you have succeeded in doing this, you get the chance of having some room for your souvenirs.