WatchesWatches are one of the most common and functional jewelry pieces that would be hard to live without. Aside from helping you keep track of time, it has also become a fashion statement over the years. No wonder watch owners take care of it the best they can.

Salt Lake City is home to jewelry repair services that can also handle your watch maintenance needs and concerns. While watches are generally low maintenance, it pays to know when it needs some professional care.

It is not functioning properly

Quartz watches would mostly need a battery repair and it would be running well again. But mechanical ones can be trickier. Bringing your pieces to a professional for inspection if it is not running as normal would be recommended.

There is moisture

Most watches are water resistant and can be used when showering or swimming. But, if your watch has moisture forming on the insides, then it is a sign that somewhere around it there is a leak that needs to be properly covered.

Second-hand skips

The second hand should move per second and not any more or less than that. Unusual movement of the second hand, usually when it skips in intervals, is a sign that something is loose on the inside and needs some repair.

It hasn’t been serviced

Watches are intricate pieces that can go on for decades without servicing and still does its function, especially if it is of good quality. But to maintain its optimum shape for a longer period of time, investing in full servicing at least once every two years is recommended.

Do you have a watch that has long overdue servicing or repairs? Bring it to your jeweler and see how it can be good as new again.