Wine in a glassThe Internet is a huge resource for practically any “How to…” or “What is…” inquiries. You’ve probably found tips and tricks yourself to speed up the wine chilling process online. The theories will range from wrapping the bottle in a wet towel before putting it in the freezer or storing it horizontally instead of vertically. The truth is, you don’t truly have enough time to try everything before every wine session. It can’t always be as easy as checking the wine bottle label printing. Fortunately, science has your back.

Submerging Wine in Ice Water

Science says: This is the quickest way to cool a bottle of wine, but this is a bit of a hassle.

Immersing the bottle in ice water is a method that most sommeliers use at restaurants. This is because water is a more effective thermal conductor compared to air, at a rate of around 25 times. Scientists, however, remind people that they should immerse the bottle fully for it to work properly. The problem is the majority of ice buckets and champagne sinks are way too small and short to fit the whole bottle. This means that the bottle will be warmer on the top, but frozen on the bottom.

To resolve this issue, experts suggest that you fill a container with around two-thirds of ice. You will then have to add water to help lower the freezing point of the water on top. If you want to protect its label, cover the bottle with plastic wrap. You will only need around 15 minutes for this to work.

Removing Wine from Its Bottle

Science says: This process is faster or as fast as storing the bottle of wine in the freezer.

What most don’t realize is that glass is a poor thermal conductor, which is why it takes a while for a room-temperature bottle to cool down. To overcome this, use the Ziploc method. You only need to transfer the wine content into a Ziploc bag, seal it and store the bag in ice-cold water. Remember that it only takes a couple of minutes for a glass-sized amount of wine in a Ziploc bag to reach 50◦F.

With this recommendation from scientists, you won’t need to try other irrelevant theories. You will now get to enjoy your glass of wine every time you crave for it after a hard day at work.